Anti-Firearm Wokeness

This morning I got off of the phone with an ad rep at Yelp. While I already have a listing on their platform, I was interested in doing some advertising.

Unfortunately, I was informed that “Yelp doesn’t offer advertising for your kind of business…” Asking for clarification, the rep told me that businesses in the firearms category are not eligible for advertising, but I was welcome to pay extra for an upgraded account listing.

I replied by asking, “So is this a corporate policy? Is Yelp anti-firearms, or anti-2nd Amendment?” The rep replied by saying he wasn’t sure, but it was probably for “legal reasons.

To give them benefit of the doubt in regards to legal concerns, perhaps they feel the following scenario is plausible:

  1. Person A shoots Person B with a firearm.
  2. The [defunded] police somehow find the time and resources to investigate.
  3. Investigation shows Person A received firearms training at XYZ Training.
  4. XYZ Training ran ads on Yelp.
  5. Yelp gets accused, tried, and convicted in the court of Woke Opinion that they are personally responsible for Person A killing Person B.
  6. Woke American Culture bullies Yelp into promising to do more to stop gun violence, or simply tries to put them out of business altogether.
  7. The management at Yelp desperately rack their brains as to how they could have stopped this senseless killing from taking place. They arrive at a brilliant conclusion: by not allowing ANY advertising from businesses in the firearms category, they can singlehandedly put an end to gun violence.
  8. Conclusion: block any businesses connected to firearms from advertising.

Wow. Do you see the problem with the level of Woke Stupidity in our society? By the way, this is outright discrimination. And like all discrimination, it is based on ignorance and cowardice. Statistically speaking, the number of law-abiding firearms owners that kill others with their firearms is, literally, orders of magnitude lower than the number of law-abiding automobile owners that end up killing others with their cars. Yet ignorance and fear of firearms makes them an easy target – no pun intended.

Further, with the Woke (bowel) Movement championing the cause of defunding the police; how exactly are law-abiding citizens supposed to defend themselves?

Although I’m a strong supporter of law enforcement, the old saying was nonetheless true: “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” Except nowadays, thanks to the Woke, the police may not be coming AT ALL because they lack the resources and funds to adequately keep the public peace.

If we can’t rely on the defunded police, what are we supposed to do? Frighten off the criminals with harsh language or shrill Woke-like cries of injustice? One wonders what these people are thinking, but the conclusion is that they are generally not thinking, at least not rationally.

As an American, a veteran, and a small business owner, I find the whole situation repugnant and disgusting. The drastic changes that have taken place in the fabric of American society over the past few years will certainly lead to an increase in lawlessness, chaos, and anarchy. It has been designed, engineered, and is now being implemented before our very eyes.

Ironically though, the Woke people who have lead this change for the worse, will be the ones MOST INCAPABLE of defending themselves and their loved ones from its inevitable results.

In closing, I encourage everyone to look to history for how these things turn out. Learning to defend oneself and one’s family, putting away long-term food storage, and planning for dealing with unpleasant situations is now more important than ever before.

By the way, these skills and concepts are exactly what I teach. So thank you for reading and please be sure to check us out at:

Texas Defensive Training

Austin Ving Tsun Academy

Good luck and keep your chin up!

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