Setting High Expectations

Originally posted on The Empty Cup:
Aim small, miss small. Students will only achieve what you expect of them. In the two disciplines that I teach, martial arts and firearms, I’ve encountered both good and bad teachers over the years. When I myself became a young teacher many years ago, I tried to emulate those…

Famous Last Words

I have always felt that ignorance (lack of knowledge) is less dangerous than a poor attitude. Both in martial arts and in firearms training, it is the person lacking a proper attitude who ends up being a danger to themselves and those around them. Having watched thousands of shooters over the years, the ones thatContinue reading “Famous Last Words”

NAR CAT-7 Tourniquet

Can You Respond?

Imagine you are getting in some shooting practice at your local gun range. You’re having a great time, perhaps shooting that new handgun that you just bought and maybe doing so with some friends or family members in the lanes next to you. Everyone is having a great time. Until suddenly your entire world changesContinue reading “Can You Respond?”


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