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Top Five Shooting Mistakes

As of December 2020, there have been nearly 7,000,000 more firearms purchases than in 2019, according to FBI statistics. Many of these purchases are by first-time gun buyers who are concerned about personal safety in light of the “defund the police” movement as well as the civil unrest caused by the Antifa and BLM activists.Continue reading “Top Five Shooting Mistakes”

Muzzle Downrange! on Sale Now

We are happy to announce that Jeff Webb’s latest book, Muzzle Downrange! is now available Amazon.com! This is the first book of it’s kind providing training, advice, and real-world examples to help Range Safety Officers perform their job effectively. Getting an RSO certification from the NRA, IDPA, or USPSA is just the beginning. Working asContinue reading “Muzzle Downrange! on Sale Now”


Welcome to the Gun Fu Training blog! As a professional instructor of firearms and martial arts, I bring you a blog which will discuss topics relevant to both and how these two disciplines interrelate. A little about myself… I’m an author, instructor, and veteran of the US Air Force. I’m also an NRA-certified Chief RangeContinue reading “Introduction”

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